If you collect Wades, then you'll
want to join the Official International
Wade Collectors Club
. This club,
sponsored by Wade itself, has
members from all over the world.

Included in the price of the yearly
membership fee is a quarterly
stuffed full of color photos
and interesting Wade articles. Here
you will find the latest updates on
Wade pieces, new figures and
upcoming Wade events.

The membership fee also includes the annual
"Member's Only" Piece.
This year the special
figure is "Alice" from the story Alice In
Wonderland - a beautiful replica of the
favorite fairytale character.

This Year, to celebrate the 15th year of the
Official International Wade Collector's Club,
each member will receive a special Whimsie
commemorating the anniversary.

And to complete your yearly membership set,
these additional figures of "Alice In Wonderland" -
Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Griffin,
Mock Turtle, Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts,
and Painting the Roses, can be purchased
through the club. This set - offered only to Club
- will be available this 2010 year
only. Get them before it's too late!

And there's more! Your membership
will get you special discounts
on selected Wade Fair pieces and
availability of special members-only

So, if you're ready to join the
Official International Wade
Collectors Club now, just click
on the link below!

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