The Wade Whimsies Yahoo Group is an email-based mailing list. This means
that when a member sends an email to the Wade Whimsies Yahoo Group,
then all the members get a copy of that email. In this way, we can all respond
and share in the fun of Wade collecting, discussions and questions/answers.

You have the option of receiving individual emails (each time someone posts
to the group), a once a day email containing a daily log of that day's emails or
choose not to receive any email from the group and just read them at your
convenience when logging into the Wade Whimsies Group page on the Yahoo
Groups website.

The Wade Whimsies Yahoo Group is open to anyone who enjoys collecting
Wade Whimsies miniature porcelain animal figurines or any of the other
decorative pieces and figures that Wade of England produces. Please join
this group and share your stories of your Wade collection, Wade hunting
and great Wade finds. Whether you have a Wade question or just want to
Wade chat - this is the place for it!

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