Here is an interesting example of a Wade Whimsie Langur. You can clearly see the difference in the top of the tree trunk - the first one is attached to his head while the second one is separated. These two Langurs obviously came from different molds.
Barely noticeable, but quite different, the bottoms of these two Giraffe Whimsies point clearly to two different mold styles. Notice the first Giraffe seems to be sitting on a base with the moldmark on the base, while the second Giraffe is moldmarked on the Giraffe itself.
This is probably the best known example of a retooled mold. Rabbit #1 with the "ears together" was created first but during the fettling process (the cleaning of the mold line) the tips of the Rabbit's ears were being damaged. So the new mold was created with the "ears apart" to remedy the problem. Since the first model was not mass produced, it is much more valuable than the second.

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